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FWF Myint Pino
#10 Myint Pino
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Fortune Wanda’s Friends
“Fortune Wanda’s Friends”is the doll modeled on the figure at the time of Wanda being a tiny little child .They were made as talismans by Rora Misty which is a fortune-teller in the forest of Neuer.
First, ,Rora stirs various stuff round and round in a pan and melts them slowly. Next, the stuff is poured into the mold with which fortune was enclosed.Finally, she cast a mysterious spell and finish making the “Fortune Wanda’s Friends”.The inhabitants of forest of Neure chooses “Fortune Wanda’s Friends” suitable for the fortune which they wish on that day. They enjoy to decorate the room with it, or walk around with .

doll size 5cm

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Item NameFWF Myint Pino
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