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FWF Tanchou Shubun (Goldfish set)

Fortune Wanda Friend Tanchou Shubun ( Goldfish set )

Tanchou Shubun is Japanese summer-themed doll. He represent the nostalgic association of the festivities of summer to the cuteness of goldfish, by the Japanese.
Tanchou resembles “Nishikigoi”, a kind of koi fish. He has a white upper body, with black eyes and a red patch covering the area around his left eye. He has golden arms and hands and black spots on his lower back and tummy, like a Dalmatian.

These two often ride on a goldfish so we also offer them in an FWF-goldfish set. These decorative items are traditionally made from celluloid. In Japan, celluloid-made items were at their peak in the 1950’s. Each tiny piece is painstakingly hand made by a classically trained craftsman. They might look rough around the edges but it’s precisely the imperfections that give them their old-time charm.

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Item NameFWF Tanchou Shubun (Goldfish set)
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