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FWF Marume Kogane (Goldfish set)

Fortune Wanda Friend Marume Kogane ( Goldfish set )

Marume Kogane is Japanese summer-themed doll. He represent the nostalgic association of the festivities of summer to the cuteness of goldfish, by the Japanese.
Marume, on the other hand, represents the “ Kingyo “ which is literally a gold goldfish. His upper body is a clear yellow, he has black eyes and a distinctive mustache. The rest of his body is an oppulent gold, giving him an aura of richness. For people who seek to build their wealth, you can think of Marume as a good luck charm!

These two often ride on a goldfish so we also offer them in an FWF-goldfish set. These decorative items are traditionally made from celluloid. In Japan, celluloid-made items were at their peak in the 1950’s. Each tiny piece is painstakingly hand made by a classically trained craftsman. They might look rough around the edges but it’s precisely the imperfections that give them their old-time charm.

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Item NameFWF Marume Kogane (Goldfish set)
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