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WF Emilia Colosio

Emilia Colosio (15 cm height frog)

Doll size : 15 cm

Color: Matt light beige and pattern

She is Emilia Colosio !

She is running ice cream shop “Paleta de Colores” next to a coffee shop that her father is running.

Emilia wanted to have her own ice cream shop, because when she was a child, an ice cream shop staff took out the juicy, colorful ice cream from the storage box and mixed it on a cold metal plate, she wanted to become an ice cream shop because it was as beautiful as a dream to spin color in a palette.

She prouds the breakfast that she makes and serves sweet and savory freshly baked croissants with delicious ice in between.

“ It’s going to be hot today, so I have to make a little hard ice cream to put the berry ice cream between my dad's bread for breakfast.”

She works so hard from early morning!

She is making ice creams color pallets on the white cold stone like she was dreaming that day .

We will release her on July 29th 3 pm Japan time on our international online shop!

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Item NameWF Emilia Colosio
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