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WF Cullen Viola

2021 Anniversary Special Limited Edition
Wanda Friend Cullen Viola

Juno and Cullen are actually sisters. Cullen is younger.

They always play music to heal and nurture plants, trees, and flowers in the "Halmeer Garden," a half-day's walk north of the Noiel Forest. Together with Wanda Friend Claire, a song princess, they perform with the Halmees, little resident insects at Halmeer who can make strange but musical sounds.
The music coming from Halmeer travels with the wind and reaches as far as the forest of Noiel, healing it and its many Wanda Friends.

She has a beautiful mesh of pink and gold hair with a baby pink colored body. She has curled bangs and a long, straight pony tail.

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Item NameWF Cullen Viola
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