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NF Nina Mew

Noiel Forest Friend Nina Mew

Nina Mew is Squall’s little sister. (Squall was part of our mushroom series) She also lives in the ocean and much like it, her color is the bluest of blue. But what sets her apart is her shark head dress. Tsuyo-Tsuyo Bo roughly translates to Invincible Hat. You may think that Nina Mew is just a small and cute midget, but bullies beware! If you do her wrong, she will not hesitate to use her tsuyo tsuyo bo to protect herself.

Her hat is removable. However, when removing it, please warm it up with a hair dryer to soften the material before removing it. It may break if excessive force is applied. Please be careful.

Item Numberw574
Item NameNF Nina Mew
Price48.00 USD