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WF Coral Muliphein

WF Coral Muliphein

Coral Muliphein(In their planet, everyone’s family name is Muliphein) has a see-through pink color with a whip of gold running down from the right side of her neck down to her entire leg, she’s the bubbly one!

If you look at her, you’ll see that their bodies are very similar to Wanda friends’. However, they have a distinctive spiky head so depending on the angle you look at it, you can enjoy a different look.

The Muliphein race are nomads who have lost their home planet a long time ago. After a long journey through the universe, Bright and Coral found planet Toreberu where Noiel forest, the home of the Wanda friends, can be found. They have settled in the deep sea in the big city next to Noiel. They have integrated well into society that they became very good friends with all sea creatures. They are having so much fun!

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Item NameWF Coral Muliphein
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