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WF Lloyd Bone

WF Lloyd Bone

This is 2021 Halloween Limited Edition series, Wanda Friend Lloyd Bone.

He is the grave keeper. He comes from a long line of grave keepers. In their family, putting on a skeleton tattoo is a rite of passage. It symbolizes that a new member is welcomed into the clan. The Bone family believes that the skeleton is the center of the body. They spend their whole lives taking care of their bodies by reminding themselves of the importance of their bones. Their tattoos were designed to cover them from head to toe, precisely to achieve this goal. This is especially poignant to them because they have a strong sense of sorrow over the fact that they all turn into glittering sand after death. In a way, their tattoos make them feel immortal.

On a lighter note, there is no need to be put off by Lloyd’s creepy appearance because he is the kindest guy you will ever meet. He has a translucent blue-grey body that’s covered with skeleton print, just the right blend of art and spook.
This print design is a first for a WF doll.

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Item NameWF Lloyd Bone
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