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WF Mocha Lamberg

Limited Wanda family Mocha Lamberg
Mocha is a legged snailed who works as a pastry chef in Glen's cafe. He loves coffee and likes making sweets that go well with coffee. He started working there when Hugo, a barista in Noiel Forest introduced him to Glen.

Like Glen, he also has a brown translucent body with white feet. The small mushroom house he carries resembles a chocolat fondant.
This special set includes our well-fitting mushroom shoes with dots that resemble coffee beans. It also comes with a coaster with Fortune Wanda Friend Meggy's illustration that Glen uses in his cafe. Belt is not included, please feel free to use any ribbons, strings or belts to hold the house in place.

Item Numberw622
Item NameWF Mocha Lamberg
Price92.00 USD