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FWF Tsukishiro

FWF Tsukishiro

The body of the limited edition Fortune Wanda Friend "Tsukishiro" is translucent in color, with a white head, green body and arms, and green feet. The head has a white dot print that looks like it has been dusted with powder.

Tsukishiro means white moon in Japanese. The image is as pure as the white moon.

He is inspired by the famous Japanese confectionery "Sanshoku Dango" (three-colored dumplings). It is inspired by the famous sanshoku dango from Wanda Friend Hanezu's store "Goshokuan" which will be launched together.

Compared to the three dum-dum brothers previously released, the new children are darker and more vivid in color.

Item Numberw670
Item NameFWF Tsukishiro
Price30.00 USD