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WF Parallel Wanda (Normal)

WF Parallel Wanda (Normal)

Parallel Wanda is our 15th Anniversary Wanda Friend. He is the the parallel version of Wanda, who appeared to Tootsy and Rora during a surprise apparition on a magic mirror as he was helping Meghan in the Parallel Universe.

His body has a transparent, lime green color. There are four types of eye patterns. The first one is the standard eyes, with a similar design to previous dolls. The three new ones are hand painted by KENZO himself, so they are quite precious.

Normal eyes version (non hand-painted)

Please note that this doll was painted and dyed, so there may be uneven colors and shades. Both the body and eyes are hand painted, so actual dolls may differ slightly from the pictures.

The number of dolls is limited, so get your Parallel Wanda now!

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Item NameWF Parallel Wanda (Normal)
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