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WF Luster Bright

WF Luster Bright

Luster Bright has a transparent, aqua blue color. There’s a special film inside their body, which glitters beautifully when hit by light. The eyes are also clear but a darker shade of blue. Similarly, when light passes through their eyes, they radiate a bright glow. Whether outdoors or indoors, Luster shines like a vibrant water spirit. This is the third Crystal Mushroom series dolls with a special film. Of course, a Fortune wanda Friend variant is available for purchase as well.

Luster Bright’s story is quite fascinating, too. One day, a mysterious magical rainbow descended into the sea city, piercing though the waters. Bright Muliphein, a resident of the city, finds a small Crystal Mushroom Aqua growing at the foot of it. Bright Muliphein is an alien who has lost his home and currently lives in Wanda World. He brought the Crystal Mushroom back home and nurtured it with lots of love. In return, Aqua transformed into a beautiful Wanda Friend and became part of their family member. It is a heartwarming story.

Luster is very cool and perfect for the hot summer. We hope you have a wonderful holiday with them.

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Item NameWF Luster Bright
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