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FWF Iris special set (3 FWFs)

Mimel Iris has a pink translucent body with teal-colored paint on her feet and a silver star on her belly. Sky Iris has a baby blue, translucent body with pink paint on his feet and a gold star on his belly. Lala Iris has a purple translucent body with a cloud-like pattern covering her torso. These Fortune Wanda Friends are little children who are full of love. They came down from the sky to wish everyone at Noeil Forest, peace and happiness.

The three are available as a special set (Mimel, Sky, and Lala) but you can also get Mimel and Sky individually. Lala, on the other hand, will only be sold as a set.

Item Numberw736
Item NameFWF Iris special set (3 FWFs)
Price75.00 USD