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NF Marie

NF Marie

Their story goes like this. Above the clouds of Noiel forest sits a floating city, called Sky Town. It is inhabited by Wanda Friend artists, the unicorn tribe, and the Rain God. The unicorn kids, Aru and Marie, are best friends who always play together. Their favorite thing to do is to go to the Rain God, whenever he summons the rain. They happily run around under it all day. However, they hate the Storm God who conjures up deafening thunder. During those days, they stay at home and comfort each other. Marie has a translucent pink body and the horn and eye painting are the same color as Aru's. The hair on her head is yellow, her eyebrows are blue, and her nose is a rouge pink. The Noiel Forest Friends doll size is about two-thirds the size of a regular Wanda Friend.

Item Numberw760
Item NameNF Marie
Price35.00 USD