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FWF Evi Hydrangea

Wanda Friend, Evi Hydrangea. True to her name, Evi has the same color, giving her the essence of the flower itself. Her captivating eyes are hand-painted by its creator, Wanda Friend resident artist, KENZO himself. The shape of the black part of her eyes resemble petals, and are complemented by pink eyeliner-like borders. To complete the intricate design, a tiny hydrangea is painted on the inside of the eyes as well. The look is very subtle, almost like a hydrangea fairy.
Fortune Wanda Friend, likewise, is the same exact color except for a hydrangea-inspired paint on the left part of her chest, painstakingly crafted by KENZO, as well. If you prefer a clean look though, a plain version without painting, is also available. Hydrangea is a beloved flower in Japan and is part of its long history. Nowadays, numerous different species exist around the world. We hope that Wanda and her friends will be able to go to different parts of the world as well, together with our international customers. The rainy season in Japan has recently started, which Wanda, a frog fairy, finds to be her favorite time of the year. Incidentally, it is also hydrangea season, too. We hope Evi would give you a more fun representation of the wet season.

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Item NameFWF Evi Hydrangea
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