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OT My Wanda friend (Innocent)

Our cute “My Wanda Friends” collection have new members: Wanda and Innocent. Wanda, as you may have guessed, sports the standard Wanda green body and black eyes. His puppy eyes and warm smile will melt your heart, for sure. A special feature of this doll is its extra 21 grams of weight. Inside it are some pebbles that help the doll stand upright much easier. It is said that a person is heavier because they have a soul, and when they pass, the weight of the soul goes away as well. The same is true for My Wanda Friends, so you can think of Wanda as a life-like, spirited doll. Innocent, on the other hand, is an ivory-colored blank canvas. This is our special treat for our lovely customers, you can finally make your own doll. This holiday break, get your hands dirty and make a masterpiece out of your new “My Wanda Friend” doll. The doll is made of soft vinyl, so make sure to use plastic-friendly paint. Otherwise, you can use any color and do any design you wish. You can even make them into ornaments which you can hang on your Christmas Tree, until early next year at least.

P.S. We would love to see what you come up with, with your “Innocent” dolls so please post them online and don’t forget to tag us @wonderfrog_j on Instagram and @wanda_frog on X, formerly Twitter; with the hashtag #mywandafriend. We’ll be waiting!

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Item NameOT My Wanda friend (Innocent)
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