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WF KENZO "No name" series No.1 Asian Super Power

No.1 Asian Super Power
This work was created with Asian influences in mind. Most of the body is beige, handpainted painstakingly with layers and layers of paint, making it come alive. The round red design covering the left side of its face and shoulders, adds a touch of Japanese flair. In addition, the left eye is gold with a black border, while the right eye is black. Also, cascading through its body are fine, white, smoke-like lines, which can also be interpreted as lightning, giving it an overall powerful presence.

This full-length artwork, the Wanda Friend "No Name" series, features the classic Wanda doll used as a canvas for the artist’s one-of-a-kind, original paintings. Endlessly imaginative and meticulously detailed, they usher us into a fantastical world, which is signature Wonder Frog. Let’s take a look at the three dolls in this collection.

For clear photos, you can visit the official Facebook( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063744002634 )

Item Numberw830
Item NameWF KENZO "No name" series No.1 Asian Super Power
Price440.00 USD