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**Important Notice 2021/5/28

1. EMS to the US will resume on June 1, 2021.

2. The Japan Post Office has announced an increase in shipping rates due to COVID-19.
  Regions to be changed
  North America, Oceania, Middle and Near East
  New base rate
*Effective for orders shipped on or after June 1.

3. Payment Due Date and Cancellation
Payment should be made within 7 days of receiving the order confirmation email. If you miss the payment deadline, we will cancel your order.
If you have not received the order confirmation email, please contact us by email.

🐸📢 We have a request to our dear customers.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our shipping conditions have been affected. We usually use EMS for international orders but now, there are some areas where it is impossible to ship from Japan.
These areas the following : Russia, Canada, others

For the following areas, you alternatively use the Yamato delivery service.
The Yamato delivery service is more expensive than EMS.

For customers who live in areas where delivery is currently suspended

For customers who are willing to wait until shipping resumes, we ask that you place your order via email. The wait time varies and could be anywhere from a few months to a year. This all depends on the progress of the corona pandemic.
We will not be able to respond to items that are out of stock.

To countries where EMS delivery is available, we will ship via EMS as usual.

There is shipping per one order.
We cannot combine shipping several orders.

We recommend confirming your order as soon as it arrives. If you wish to return your order, please contact us by email within 1 week of arrival. Otherwise, we might not be able to offer an replacement or refund.


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FWF Wild Navi(w539)
28.00 USD
We have a re-installment previous dolls : Wild ...
WF Meghan Watch(w261)
56.00 USD
Meghan Watch Doll Size : 15cm This item ...
FWF Mint & Lemon set(w644)
58.00 USD
FWF Mint & Lemon set
*Out of stock
FWF Berry Colores(w494)
32.00 USD
FWF Berry Colores Some dolls have been resto...
FWF Lemon Colores(w488)
27.00 USD
FWF Lemon Colores Some dolls have been resto...
FWF Mia Eli(w557)
30.00 USD
Mia Eli Mia Eli is a Tokyo Doll show63 limi...
FWF Neil Eli(w533)
30.00 USD
Neil Eli is cute babies both look like a drink ...
*Out of stock
FWF Lucas Bollan(w631)
32.00 USD
2021 Chritsmas Limited Edition Fortune Wanda Fr...
WF Athena Chrono(w629)
58.00 USD
2021 Chritsmas Limited Edition Wanda Friend At...
WF Charles Misty(w627)
69.00 USD
2021 Mushroom Festival Limited Edition Wanda Fr...
WF Emilia Colosio(w490)
64.00 USD
Emilia Colosio (15 cm height frog) Doll siz...
WF Keenan Lydon (w368)
59.00 USD
Keenan Lydon He is a guitarist of "Green Fl...
WF Rana Ciel (w310)
58.00 USD
Rana Ciel Rana Ciel is a spirit of frog. H...
OF Jumpsuit for WF and NBW(w625)
18.00 USD
Jumpsuit for WF and NBW Blue jumpsuit with yel...
OF Shoes set for legged snail (black)(w624)
8.00 USD
Shoes set for legged snail Color: Black
OF Long T-shirt for WF and NBW(w623)
17.00 USD
Long T-shirt This long T-shirt is light beig...
WF Mocha Lamberg(w622)
92.00 USD
Limited Wanda family Mocha Lamberg Mocha is a...
FWF Meggy Chiaro(w621)
30.00 USD
Limited Fortune Wanda Friend Meggy Chiaro He...
WF Hugo Noe(w619)
55.00 USD
WF Hugo Noe We are re-releasing Wanda Friend...
*Out of stock
FWF Popma Beel(w616)
32.00 USD
FWF Popma Beel We are re-releasing the very ...
*Out of stock
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