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WF Poppy Lottie

WF Poppy Lottie

Poppy and Tio are travel buddies. The two travel around the world to sell their original and mysterious chocolates that impress chocolate maniacs around the world.

Poppy is our first Tadpole person with a matte finish. Just like Tio, Poppy’s body is also bright prink which resembles ruby chocolate. From the knees down, Poppy’s legs are gradient dark brown, which makes Poppy looks like it had just walked into chocolate mud. ‘That is it!’ is what our cute Tadpole person always says.

There may be lighter spots on the dolls due to the matte paint used.
Please be reminded that matte dolls tend to scratch and leave marks easily.

Item Numberw658
Item NameWF Poppy Lottie
Price58.00 USD