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WF Tootsy Ppyn (Ivory ver.)

WF Tootsy Ppyn (Ivory ver.)

The hero of the Legged Snail Tribe Tootsy is back!!
He has changed from the whitened version sold last time to a regular ivory color.
What he is carrying on her back this time is a mushroom house.Please enjoy painting it colors and customizing it.
There are holes in the mushroom house to put a belt or ribbon to fix the mushroom house.Please set them as you like.
Tootsy is Wanda's best friend and always travels with him. He is a bit of a blabbermouth and a troublemaker who always causes problems on his travels.
However, he is cheerful and fun-loving, and is well-liked by everyone in the Noiel Forest.

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Item NameWF Tootsy Ppyn (Ivory ver.)
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