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OT Popo Percy Ghost ver. (White ghost)

Popo Percy - ghost version.
He went to visit the black house where the ghosts stay during the Halloween season, and the ghosts played a prank on him, turning him into a ghostly figure himself! But fear not everyone, he would return to his normal self the following morning. This version, however, is what he looks like when he is in that haunted state. Translucent white body, with feet that are stained black like shadow. His eyes also turn blue. It comes with a stuffed animal, a one-eyed ghost, which comes in blue and white. Feel free to choose which one you fancy.

*Popo Percy - ghost version is translucent and you can see a little inside, so you may see lines and irregularities due to the shading of the material. This is not a defect but its natural look. Please be guided accordingly.

Item Numberw711
Item NameOT Popo Percy Ghost ver. (White ghost)
Price43.00 USD