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NF Yune

We’d like to introduce a new group of creatures in Wanda’s World, the unicorn tribe. The first character’s name is Yune (pronounced as dune but with a “y” instead of a “d”). She lives on a community which reside in the clouds, up in the sky. It’s called the Sky Country. She went down on the rainbow bridge to participate in the Mushroom Festival at Noiel Forest.

Yune has such a pretty face. She has eyes that show different expressions on their left and right side, and curly eyebrows that give her a strong sense of individuality. Her hair is fuzzy like a sheep’s, which is topped by a golden horn that stands erect on her head. Both her nose and upright ears are baby pink. The body is light green and the size is the same as other Noiel Forest friends’.

Item Numberw732
Item NameNF Yune
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