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FWF Pipi Palulu

Another new doll to look forward to is Pipi Palulu. It has a clear and transparent body, white tipped big ears and sky blue eyes. This baby comes from the long-eared FWF series.
In addition to our new dolls, we are also reselling a popular doll. Pygmalion Hari, which was released in 2020, is making its way back to our online store. Her entire body is completely clear, making her look like a water fairy. Her eyes are pitch black, giving her a beautifully seductive look. We will also be selling the Crystal Mushroom, which sold like hotcakes when it first came out and had many resale requests. Please enjoy the Pygmalion Hari and Pipi Palulu dolls, which both have an irresistibile charm.

Item Numberw796
Item NameFWF Pipi Palulu
Price29.00 USD