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[Special sale]FWF Kiono Sasara

Together with this new Dragonite doll, Fortune Wanda Friends Kiono and Sena, will be released. They are the miniature versions of previously released Wanda Friend dolls in 2023, that were very popular. Kiono is translucent moss green and Sena is beige. Like recently released dolls, they have built-in magnets in their heads, so various accessories can be attached to them. This time, as a gift, we have included a set of felt ball accessories that resemble Japanese oranges. The reason for this is that in Japan, New Year’s rice cakes or Kagamimochi, is traditionally served. It is topped with an orange. Such is the image we had envisioned for these new FWFs. Being our first release this year, we hope the they bring luck to all of us. In addition, we will also be re-selling the Wanda Friend versions, to coincide with this release. If you missed out on them last year, then you are in for a treat.

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Item Name[Special sale]FWF Kiono Sasara
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