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NF Teten Cumu

Teten Cumu, a mushroom person from Sky City. Kind but introverted, he is one of Hapi’s good friends. Despite his shy exterior, he is kind of an artist. He loves drawing swirls, and everywehre he goes he would try to draw them on pavement floors, or street walls. He hopes to one day draw a picture of Hapi on a humongous cloud in the vast sky. Right now, he is most excited about eating lunch with Hapi everday.
He sports a stunning, glitterry purple umbrella hat, that has white spots. His eyes, like Hapi’s, are also uniquely painted. His complexion is a translucent lavender, providing an endearing overall look.

Item Numberw829
Item NameNF Teten Cumu
Price52.00 USD